sexy back tattoo tribal on

As you can see from this photograph, it is possible to have a large tattoo and still keep your femininity. More women are opting to get this type of tattoo placement with fantastic results; all it takes is thoughtful planning and a good tattoo artist to make it work to your advantage. The design must fit your tastes and your body lines. It seems that Japanese art or floral designs work best for this placement on women.

The following photograph shows how feminine this style of ankle tattoo can be. This is a very attractive tattoo and a very good placement showing well thought out style and an excellent artist.


This tattoo is also very feminine and shows how well done a tattoo can be and still be sexy. Part of it is based on the placement and how well the artist fit the tattoo to her body and they kept it simple.

butterfly flower on

You can be a woman and have tattoos and still keep your femininity. Tattoos do not make you manly or make you into a biker chick. There is a major misconception that you can’t have tattoos and look like a girl. I think these pictures help to prove this is a very false statement. It all depends on what you get and where you place it. Tattoos can be very pretty, very feminine and very sexy. Don’t you agree?