These are extreme examples of people and their tattoos. Now the question on my mind is “why would they do that, what motivation did they have?” In today’s society which has problems accepting tattoos on a much smaller scale, how could someone choose to go to this much of an extreme, knowing that for most of society, they are going to be seen as an outcast? For the one gentleman, he is going to actually scare some people. How does he hold down a job? For that matter, how, do you ask, do any one of them?

The first gentleman is an entertainer. His wife and he both perform a sort of circus, magic, sideshow type of venue according to what I have seen on television. About the other two, I have no idea. But can you imagine working next to them daily at your office? They are probably very nice people, but how many of us out there are going to take the chance to get close enough to find out based solely upon how they look?

One must wonder at the psychological ramifications of their choice to go to this extreme. They cannot hide these tattoos so every day of their lives they live with this choice. They live with the reactions of the people they come in contact with whether it is positive or negative. How wearing is that on your sense of self? On your self confidence? What about relationships with family and friends? Girlfriends or wives?

Choosing any extreme of body modification be it tattoos, scarring or transdermal implants to the face, head and neck area is not to be taken lightly. While the results are definitely interesting, are you ready to live with the repercussions for the rest of your life?

What do you think?
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