I Love Cats, I have 5 of them. I also have 3 Dachshunds that are very out numbered and completely intimidated by the cats except for 1 cat and 1 Dachshund that are BFF. The rest, well the dogs are boys and 4 of the cats are girls and they rule the roost. I got a kick out of this video, hope you think it is cute too.

My girls can’t dance like this! ;0(

Funny Pictures

Okay, gotta’ have some time in there for the boys or they’ll feel left out. :0) This isn’t my dog but one of my boys is just like this! He is ball crazy but is picky about how/where you throw it. He will play ball until either your arm falls off or his tongue wears out, which ever happens first. I think that they are the cutest dogs!