Weather forecast for tonight: dark.” — George Carlin

Not sleeping can actually be fun and fulfilling if it happens often enough. Not that I’m advocating insomnia as a life choice, oh no, no, no. You see, I would sleep if I could. Gladly, actually. But I am one of the unlucky individuals that my medications have just the opposite effect on my metabolism then they are supposed to. Quite a few of my *cough* psych *cough* meds that should make me drowsy actually are quite efficient at making me stay up most, if not all of the night. These have not been transitory side effects unfortunately but I deal with every evening wondering if tonight I will be tired enough to sleep all night.

Now over the last year or so I have read about 200 books, started but not finished at least 12 craft projects such as crocheting an afghan, cross stitching, etc. I have learned a lot about computers, tattoos, travel and oh yeah, I started blogging. See you can be productive with no sleep, well maybe, if this makes any sense to anyone that is.

I take a sleeping pill about 3 times a week if I don’t get much sleep on my own but I try not to use it more than that. The doc gave me mild sedatives too and yes, once in awhile it takes one of each to actually get me to sleep since I have such a goofy metabolism. But I am not now or will I ever, never advocate doing that! Heath Ledger anyone? I know what I can take and how often I can do it and I do not cross that line. I know that the temptation is there when you cannot sleep or cannot get drowsy which is the dangerous part. You keep taking something to make you sleepy, not to make you sleep. It is two different things and before you know it, you have overdosed.

Insomniacs all have to deal with what to do with the night and why they can’t sleep in their own way. You can hate the coming darkness or you can meet it head on and maybe make friends with it and work out a shared custody agreement. That is what I have come to do with my old friend Insomnia and now we usually go about 50/50 most nights. I can sleep with that.