I Hate Happy People

Some days they just irritate the crap out of me. Now normally I can be one of these people as psychotropic medications do wonders for making you a calm, level headed and sane “happy” person when they work. But when they aren’t working and you aren’t a “happy” person and your moods tend to go up and down like the preverbal yo-yo…well, then…..I. Hate. Happy. People.
They are annoying. They smile at you. Why? I’m not happy so why are they smiling at me? Don’t do that. You really don’t want to do that, really, trust me. They are laughing. What the heck are they laughing at? Me? Boy they better not be or man am I gonna’ show them….oh wait, no…not me. Okay, boy were they almost in trouble.
Oh look, over there…aren’t they cute? A couple in love all smoochie and cuddly and I think I’m gonna’ hurl. God these “happy” people are everywhere! Grumpy People Unite!
I think I’m going home and going back to bed. Maybe my meds will work better tomorrow and I’ll be one of the lucky ones and have a “Happy Day”