This N’ That

Well, my shoulder is still hurting but is way better than it was before so yippee, progress!

I’m thrilled to see it isn’t over a 100 degrees every day any more. What a relief! Everything in my garden and yard is burnt to hell so the cooler temps are more than welcoming even if they are still in the 90’s.

Hope everyone is doing well and i hope to drop by soon.

Why Did It Have to be My Right Shoulder?

I haven’t been around for a while because I hurt my shoulder. Don’t know how, when or what I did but my right shoulder is messed up and it hurts to move it and my arm, naturally, I’m right handed so this has not been fun.

Right now I am on pain pills, ice and exercise and it still is very painful when I move my arm much at all. Sad part is I have no clue what I did to myself.

I think I hear my ice bag calling. Keep your fingers crossed that this heals up soon,

I Think My Yard Is on Speed

We don’t fertilize our yard since it is just prairie grass but I would swear it is on speed. We mowed the three acres we have to mow on Friday and now on Tuesday it needs to be mowed again. Looks like we haven’t even touched it!  I just refuse to mow more often then once every two weeks though because that  is just too much work to do every week. I do the large areas with the riding lawnmower while my husband does all the push mower areas and it takes both of us about two hours to get it done. I can’t see doing that more than twice a month especially in the heat of summer.

Living on acreage has good points and bad points and having to mow that much is definitely one of the bad points.